Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Edge

Her tiny toes, sprinkled with flecks of red from the Marks a Lot marker she thought would be the perfect polish color, grip the edge of the diving board.  The water seems so far away in her mind's eye, though in reality mere inches, less than a foot, separate her from the beautiful clear blue liquid.  She hesitates.  She falters.  She turns and walks to the back of the diving board.  And then, with a new found bravery not fully her own, but entrusted to her, growing inside her, she walks to the edge, takes a leap and jumps.  For a split second she is suspended in the not knowing, in the uncertainty, and in the exhilaration that such a leap brings before the water greets her, welcomes her, cools her on a hot summer day.  And all she wants to do now is swim to the stairs, climb out of the pool and jump in again.  

It is in the leap that so much hangs in the balance.  If we can let go of the fears and doubts and questions and trust, but that is easier said than done.  So many voices cloud our decisions, our choices, our own thoughts and that Still Small Voice always present, always constant, always with us can be more difficult to discern.  When we let our fears, doubts and worries keep us from abiding and trusting that Still Small Voice, we limit our capacity to do the work God is calling us to.

The little girl is me.

This week I have known it was time to enter this space in the universe.  Truth be told, this knowing has been present in my heart for much longer than a week.  I've known with this sense of purpose bravery has been given, but not yet grasped.  And yet.  Here I am, Lord.  So, here I am and my prayer is that this space will allow an opportunity to remember, to abide, to dwell in our certain hope in Christ Jesus because sometimes that hope can seem just out of grasp, but the true miracle is that Hope holds on to us.

Blessings on the journey.

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