Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Finding Focus in the Frenzy


Sweet Saturday mornings spent baking beautiful blueberry muffins that pop easily from the pan, perfectly baked, perfectly wholesome.  Mornings spent lingering over Scripture with my cup of coffee and my journal.  Mornings with time available -- no rush, no hurry, just the chance to be.

How quickly life changes with the flip of the calendar.  Here it is Wednesday and those lingering memories of a quiet Saturday morning are just that -- faint wafts of what was, but certainly isn't now.  The schedule fills with work, with chores, with meetings, with a million little things that seem to pile on a to do list.

The beautiful muffins are replaced with a burnt bundt that for a few moments smelled heavenly from the kitchen until the wafting scent of apples and cinnamon is replaced with char.  Oops.  Too long.  A race to the remnant with knife in hand to try to loosen the cake from the pan only makes scars on what was before a pristine and perfect pan.  Now regret fills the void and the realization hits that it has been many days since that beautiful Saturday morning where time was at a plenty and communion with God was so natural and real.

Maybe those Saturdays are far out of reach for you as well.  How often do we truly get to take in those moments?  I can tell a drastic difference in my heart, my mind, my attitude when I have neglected time in the Word and as much as I try to make excuse after excuse and rationalize my time away, God knows.  And in the midst of the frenzy I have created for myself, He continues to call me to "be still".  In the midst of the frenzy God is there, calling, loving, waiting.  No matter how many baking catastrophes I have made or, as is usual, life missteps I have taken, God is present and waiting, drawing me unto Himself.  And it is into His arms I bring my repentant heart and ask to start again, refreshed and renewed.  In the midst of the frenzy, there is peace.

Blessings on the journey.

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