Saturday, February 8, 2014

God is Enough

I will admit that my peers have been known to call me a "Pollyanna" from time to time.  I tend to see the glass half full, hope for the best and love donning my rose colored glasses to look at every situation, but when I read the verses that precede the ones above in Lamentations, even I can see that things are bad.  The lamenter is in a devastatingly tough place.  Have you been there?  I know I have.  

I think what the lamenter is experiencing is what makes his words in verse 22 and beyond so powerful.  He knows no matter what situation he faces, no matter how dire, his confident and assured hope is in the LORD.  This is not a pie in the sky, wish upon a star kind of hope, but a true deep abiding hope in the constancy of the love, mercy and faithfulness of our God.  It does not fail.  Whatever we face,  

God is enough.  

The enemy, however, may try to convince us otherwise.  He may whisper that God isn't enough as he distracts us with other glittering options of his own.  That's what he did in Eden with Eve and that is what he dangles for us, empty promises that will never fill the ache inside us that only God can fill.  The enemy tries to convince us that we are wrong about God's love and our circumstances are hopeless, but the enemy is wrong.  He wants nothing more than for us to despair, but look back at the lamenter and see that no matter the dire and difficult circumstances, the lamenter turns to God.  He praises God for his faithfulness and unceasing, never-ending love.  God is beyond our circumstances and will provide for our needs.  He is our portion, our Daily Bread.  God will walk with us each step of the way no matter how difficult the path.  We can trust in God no matter what we face.  Have you embraced the abundant, all encompassing love God has for you today? 

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